Specialty Tanks






UST Systems can also be shut down following an investigation if there is clear evidence that a release of product to the environment has occurred. Evidence can include inventory records, precision tightness testing results, and leak detection system results.


A Red Tag can be immediately issued for any UST System that shows evidence of attempts to mislead the UST System Inspector, or other authorized agent of the Department of Commerce, in regard to compliance with Comm 10 code of regulation.


Any UST Systems for which there are continuing code violations may also be issued a Red Tag.


A Red Tag may be issued if you fail to comply with an initial written order that allowed a compliance period of no less than 10-days.  


Upon completion of the follow-up inspection the UST System Inspector may choose to issue a second inspection date if you can demonstrate that efforts are in progress to comply with the written order. However, the second date will be for a period not to exceed 5-days. Upon the conclusion of the 5-day period if you fail to comply with the original written order a Red Tag will be issued for the non-compliant UST system.