Specialty Tanks






Tape over an audible alarm to mute the noise.

Gauge stick jammed into a fill riser - drop tube.

Tape over a visible alarm indicator.

7.4   Equipment Tampering & Stop-Work Orders


It is also a violation of this code for anyone to knowingly tamper with or disable systems that provide leak detection, corrosion protection, or spill and overfill protection for a UST System. If you become aware of such action you are responsible to immediately notify the Department of Commerce, as well as the Class A operator.


If any work that is being performed on a UST System (e.g. maintenance and repair) is determined to be unsafe or dangerous in any manner, the UST System Inspector has the authority to immediately issue a Stop-Work order. The Stop-Work order describes the reason for the order and the conditions under which the cited work activity is authorized by the Department of Commerce to resume.


As the Class B operator you are responsible to ensure that everyone complies with the Stop-Work order.