Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

10.7   Tank System Site Assessment


You must also perform a tank-system site assessment after notifying Commerce of your intent to permanently close the UST. The assessment must be performed before installing a new UST system, or backfilling the tank excavation and piping trenches. This means that you must have the site assessed for the presence of a release.


It is the responsibility of the UST system owner or operator to have a Tank-System Site Assessor (hereinafter “Assessor”) document all field observations and take samples for the presence of a release wherever contamination is identified or is most likely to be present at the tank site. The requirements for an Assessor can be found at the Department of Commerce website.


If the Assessor discovers a release, he or she must immediately report the release to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) using the 24-hour hotline number 800-943-0003. The Assessor must also complete all appropriate sampling for the tank, piping, or the entire tank and piping system to identify the extent of the release.


Failure to notify the DNR of a release may have serious consequences, which can include fines up to $5,000 for each violation. Each day of a continued violation, as well as each tank that is in violation is a separate offense.