Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

10.5   Person Having Responsibility


It is the responsibility of the contractor to post an observer on the site where the tank is being closed and/or removed who has the responsibility of monitoring worker activity during all aspects of the tank closure and removal process. As the Class A operator you are responsible to ensure that the contractor complies with this requirement.


The person having responsibility must enforce safety and health practices and procedures that assure compliance with all safety policies, rules and regulations. This person is responsible for the following:

1.           Alerting workers and pedestrians when they are within an unsafe area due to proximity to heavy operating equipment or the excavation.

2.           Know the location of company-owned safety equipment.

3.           Know the proper evacuation procedure.

4.           Oversee worker inspection of PPE.

5.           Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of OSHA guidelines.

6.           Conduct daily on-site safety reviews and de-briefing meetings.

7.           Taken and passed 40-Hour HAZWOPER training.

8.           Completion and certification of workers to API 1646 WorkSafe.

9.           Making specific on-site safety and health related decisions.

10.   Know how to request help in the event of an emergency.

11.   Know first-aid and CPR.

12.   Know the location of the nearest emergency response center.