Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

10.4   Job Hazard - Safety Analysis


It is the responsibility of the tank decommissioning contractor to complete a job hazard - safety analysis (JH-SA) prior to beginning work. Due to the liabilities a UST owner may incur as a result of any accidents that happen while conducting a tank decommissioning project, the Class A operator should verify that the tank decommissioning contractor completes the the JH-SA.


The purpose of the JH-SA is to:

         Identify work hazards and potential accidents that can occur as a result of those hazards

         Develop and implement preventable measures prior to beginning the work


Completing the JH-SA is the responsibility of everyone involved with the UST closure or removal project. Two tools that can aid in performing a proper JH-SA for the closure and removal of tank(s) include:

         American Petroleum Institute’s RP 1604 - Closure of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

         American Petroleum Institute’s WorkSafe Program