Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

10.2   Temporarily Out-Of-Service


If the owner or operator temporarily takes a tank out of service the Class A operator must ensure throughout the out- of-service period that:

         the operation and maintenance of any corrosion protection system and leak detection methods (if product remains in the tank), and

         financial responsibility requirements are maintained


If the tank system is emptied of all product so that no more than 1 inch or 0.3% by weight of the total capacity of the tank (see examples below) is remaining then you do not have to maintain leak detection.


Tank Capacity



500 gallons

1.5 gallons


12,000 gallons

36.0 gallons


If product is removed from the tank, then you must provide a means for preventing floatation of the tank due to flooding or soil saturation. If a tank was equipped with an anti-floatation device (e.g. anchors) during the original installation, they may meet the anti-floatation requirement. Check with Commerce for a determination concerning anti-floatation devices.