Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

10.1   Tank System Remover-Cleaner


UST owners and/or operators cannot remove or clean a tank system that is regulated under Comm 10, and that is covered in this training course unless one of the following conditions exist:

1.          The person(s) performing the work received certification from Commerce as Tank System Remover-Cleaner(s)

2.          The person(s) performing the work are under direct supervision of another person who received certification from Commerce as a Tank System Remover-Cleaner

3.           The supervisor or the contractor of the person performing the work holds liability coverage, including pollution impairment liability that is no less than $1,000,000 per claim, and $1,000,000 annual aggregate and has a deductible of no more than $100,000 per claim.


Additional information about the requirements and limitations that pertain to the work of the Tank System Remover-Cleaner can be found on the Commerce website.