Specialty Tanks






Daily inspection items can be inspected by Class C Operators. However, monthly and annual inspection items can only be inspected by properly trained and certified personnel. Those personnel may include Class B Operators and/or contractor technicians, provided they have the proper training and certifications.


It is important that you check with the equipment manufacturer for any training and/or certification requirements for inspecting and testing personnel. This is particularly critical for the following components and equipment:

         Automatic Tank Gauge (console, tank probes, sensors, line leak detectors)

         Corrosion Protection System (Impressed Current & Galvanic Anode)

         Ground Water/Soil-Vapor Monitoring Well

         Interstitial Monitoring and Sensors

         Mechanical Line Leak Detector

         Overfill Prevention Valve

         Submersible Turbine Pump (STP)

         Tank Vent


You can also contact Commerce to request assistance in regard to determining certification requirements.