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6.6   PEI RP900


PEI’s RP900 separates the inspection of UST system components by frequency according to daily, monthly, or annual inspections. The RP provides a separate checklist for each frequency to help you keep track of what items you have inspected.


Click on the images to the right to view a sample of each checklist.


The checklists also serve as documentation of those inspections. Comm 10 requires that you maintain the original copies of these checklists for a minimum of three (3) years. [see 10.500(9)(c)(11)]


Each checklist contains a list of items separated into categories. For example, the Daily inspection checklist has two categories: Leak Detection and Tank Fill Area. Each category contains a list of items that must be inspected by qualified personnel each day that the facility is in operation.

Daily Checklist

Monthly Checklist

Annual Checklist