Specialty Tanks






6.1   The Value of Inspections


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Owners and operators are required to properly operate and maintain their UST systems. An important aspect of those activities includes performing periodic inspections of the related equipment and components.


Comm 10 requires that all periodic inspections must be performed in accordance with the recommendations of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) RP900 - “Recommended Practices for the Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems.” You can obtain a copy of this recommended practice on-line at PEI’s website. The fee for this document is $95.00.

Periodic inspections are important because equipment will eventually breakdown or malfunction from day-to- day operation as a result of their exposure to items such as:

         the corrosive effects of soils


         dissimilar metals

         compatibility related issues of materials

         temperature changes

         stress and strain due to loads created by friction and vibration hydraulic shock

         electrical overloads

         natural causes such as changing levels in the water table freezing and thawing