Specialty Tanks






3.4.3 Hazardous Liquid Tanks


If you operate tanks that are used for the storage of hazardous substance (e.g. CERCLA-classified) you must provide a means of spill and leak prevention at all pumps and valves that control a liquid hazardous substance. Comm 10 provides several options for meeting this requirement.  


One option is to implement a pump and valve inspection, maintenance and repair program that provides for a frequency of inspection and scope of maintenance and repair. The frequency of inspection must be based on a minimum of 5-years of actual operating and service records, manufacturer’s recommendations or records for similar operations.   


As an alternative to this option all pumps and valves can be installed in a secondary containment system. Secondary containment must have sufficient capacity to contain all spills that are likely to accumulate in the containment system. And the secondary containment equipment must be inspected each day of operation for the accumulation of liquid.