Specialty Tanks






3.5   The Transfer Procedure


It is the responsibility of the operator of the product transfer equipment to ensure that the volume of available space (ullage) in the tank is greater than the volume of product to be transferred to the tank BEFORE starting the transfer process.

The transfer shall be monitored constantly by the operator of the transfer equipment, for the purpose of preventing any overfilling and spillage of product.


In the Event of a Spill

1.           The transfer operator must immediately shut down the source of the spill.   This includes closing all drop valves on the delivery transport vehicle or the tank from which product is being transferred.

2.           The transfer operator should immediately begin any spill containment as needed. This includes using protective gloves, and using sorbent pads to collect and contain the spill.

It is important that the transfer operator remain upwind or crosswind from the spill to avoid inhaling any harmful vapors.


And, it is important to avoid direct contact with the spilled product.   Wear chemically protective gloves during this process.