Tank Probe


This component is designed to provide a means of detecting leaks in the UST.   It also measures the volume of product contained in the tank on a real-time basis.  


Probes are typically used with an automatic tank gauge (ATG) or monitoring console.   Probes come in varying lengths to fit the different diameters of tanks.


Probes are installed into the UST via a riser attached to the top of the tank.   The bottom of the probe rests on the bottom of the tank.   The probe is electrically attached to the ATG console by a cable through an underground electrical conduit.  


The probe monitors changes in the level of the liquid that is contained in the UST to determine what activity is occurring such as a transfer in-progress, a leak occurring, or a static period for testing the tightness of the UST.


Probes must be UL® rated (listed and labeled) for use in classified areas, third-party certified by an independent testing organization (e.g. Ken Wilcox Associates, Inc.), approved by the National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations (NWGLDE), and have a COMM 10 Material Approval for use with USTs installed in the State of Wisconsin.  


Consult with the probe manufacturer for proper maintenance and repair requirements.