Liquid Sensor


This component is designed to provide a means of detecting liquids retained in containment sumps.   Liquids can include gasoline, diesel, other petroleum products, CERCLA chemicals, water, etc.   These sensors can be used either as stand-alone devices or with an ATG console.   These devices come in various shapes and sizes that use different technologies for detecting the presence and type of liquid that may be contained in a sump.


Technologies include simple floats with switches that are activated when the level of liquid raises the float.   These type of sensors only indicate the presence of a liquid.   They do not indicate the type of liquid.   They are commonly referred to as non-discriminating sensors.  


Other types of sensors have the ability to differentiate between the product to be monitored and other liquids, such as water.   These sensors are said to be discriminating.


These devices must be UL® rated, compatible with the product stored in the tank, and have a COMM 10 Material Approval for use with USTs located within the State of Wisconsin.  


Consult with the manufacturer of your ATG to determine the best sensor for your application, as well as operation, maintenance, and inspection requirements.