The Spill Containment Bucket is mounted to the top of the fill riser pipe that is attached to a bung mounted on the top of the underground storage tank.   It is designed to capture spills that may occur when the transfer hose is disconnected from the fill riser.  


If product remains in the transfer hose after the delivery has been completed, it might be spilled onto the ground.   Spillage of product (e.g. fuel for emergency generators) can contaminate the ground.   A spill containment bucket can prevent this from occurring.


Spill containment buckets come in various sizes generally ranging from 5- gals to 25-gals capacity.   They must be equipped with a drainage valve that can be accessed when the manway cover has been removed.   The valve can be opened to allow any product accumulated in the bucket to drain back into the tank.   All spill containment buckets must be maintained to perform as originally intended.


Spill containment buckets are generally constructed of coated steel, a petroleum-compatible plastic, or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP).   Buckets must be UL® rated, compatible with the product stored in the tank, and have a COMM 10 Material Approval for use at UST facilities in the State of Wisconsin.

Spill Containment Bucket