TOC Button


Like the Home Button, the Table of Contents (TOC) button is located at the top of every page in the Training Course.


The TOC button is very handy! Plan to use it often.


The TOC button is your main method for navigating through the course. It is the quickest way to go to the chapter, section, or page that you want to see.


On any page in the course, when you click the TOC button this TOC page you are viewing now will display. Then look in the Table of Contents list of chapters and sections to find where you want to go next. Then simply click the chapter name or section name and you will be immediately transferred to that chapter or section.


Notice the plus sign (the + in a box) next to chapter and section names. If you have not done so click the plus sign to see how it expands to show the sections in a chapter and the subsections in a section. The minus sign (the - in a box) works just the opposite. Try them both.


Simple and quick. Any chapter or section of the course is only two or three clicks away.


Remember that the Home button is useful also. Clicking it will return you to the Home page.