Underground Storage Tank (UST) System


Means any one or combination of tanks, including connected pipes, that is used to contain an accumulation of regulated substances, and the volume of which, including the volume of connected underground pipes, is 10 percent or more beneath the surface of the ground.


“Underground storage tank system” or “UST” does not include any of the following or pipes connected to any of the following:

1.        Surface impoundment, pit, pond, or lagoon.

2.        Storm water or wastewater collection system.

3.        A liquid trap or associated gathering lines directly related to oil or gas production and gathering operations.

4.        A storage tank situated in an underground area, such as a basement, cellar, mine shaft or tunnel, if the storage tank is situated upon or above   the surface of the floor and not surrounded by earth.

5.        A pipeline facility, including gathering lines, regulated under any of the following:

a.        The federal Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968 (49 USC App. 1671, et seq.).

b.        The federal Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Act of 1979 (49 USC App. 2001, et seq.).

c.          An intrastate pipeline facility regulated under state laws comparable to the provisions of the law referred to in this section.

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