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Class A Certification

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11.5   Record Keeping


Applicable records (copies) of financial responsibility for the mechanism used (refer to the list of mechanisms shown under 9.4) for each tank must be maintained at the UST facility, or they can be maintained offsite, provided they can be made available to an authorized agent of Commerce upon request.



11.6   Additional Information


Information pertaining to the requirements for drawing on financial assurance mechanisms, release from financial responsibility requirements, Bankruptcy or incapacity of the owner or operator or provider of financial assurance, and replenishment of guarantees, letters of credit, or surety bonds can be found under sections 10.747 through 10.755 of the code.

Due to the legal and financial complexity of these mechanisms the owner or operator is encouraged to consult with legal and financial experts who are knowledgeable in the use and application of all mechanisms demonstrating financial responsibility, as well as other requirements covered under Subchapter VII - Financial Responsibility.


Further information pertaining to financial responsibility can be found at the Commerce website, or by contacting the Director of the Bureau of Petroleum Products & Tanks @ 608- 266-8076.