Specialty Tanks






3.3 Operation & Maintenance


As the Class B Operator you are responsible to ensure that all new and existing spill containment and overfill prevention equipment is maintained to work as originally designed and installed per the manufacturer’s requirements.   If this information is unavailable or unknown, you can verify with the Class A Operator the manufacturer’s requirements.


All spill and overfill prevention equipment must be kept free of dirt, and debris. There must be no debris (e.g. leaves, twigs, paper) in the spill containment manway or the spill containment bucket.   If spill containment buckets contain liquid it must be drained into the UST using the drain mechanism that came with the spill containment bucket.   Fill pipes must be clear of any obstructions (e.g. sticks, rocks), other than the flapper mechanism for USTs that use a flapper valve for overfill prevention.   Manways and containment buckets can become fouled with ice or snow. Snow and ice must be removed because they can prevent the proper sealing of the riser caps, spill containment bucket covers, and manway covers.