Specialty Tanks






7.1 Inspections



Periodically an authorized agent (e.g. UST System Inspector or Certified Tank System Inspector) from Commerce, or an individual from a private entity that has been certified by Commerce, or an individual from another authority (e.g. Local Program Operator - LPO) such as the local fire department will inspect the UST system(s).


It is important that individuals working at the facility where the UST System is located cooperate with requests from Inspectors for environmental records to review, or to inspect the UST System and associated equipment as needed.


Comm 10 specifies the conditions under which an authorized authority (e.g. UST System Inspector) may enter any building to enforce the requirements of the code.   You are obligated to allow authorized agents of Commerce to inspect the UST system upon request.  


Class B operators are responsible for notifying the appropriate individuals (e.g. Class A Operator, the UST owner, etc.) of such requests by authorities from Commerce.