Specialty Tanks






You should try to provide this information in a format that can be quickly accessed and understood by the Class C operator.   Examples include foldable laminated wallet sized (2” x 3.5”) cards or 8.5” x 11” sheets that the Class C operators can keep with them at all times, or that they can post near their operating station.   This information may also need to be provided in another language such as Spanish or Korean.


As the Class B operator you are responsible to ensure that Class C operators understand the importance of reporting spills and releases.   Failure to properly notify you and emergency responders in the event of a spill or release may have serious consequences.   Consequences can include fines up to $5,000 per occurrence.


Comm 10 regulations specify that spills must be reported to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) immediately upon confirmation.   Confirmation can be made visually or by means of smell, tightness testing results of tanks and/or piping, or analysis of samples taken from the suspected area of contamination.