Specialty Tanks






Tank Inventory Reconciliation Formula

The formula for reconciling the transfer, removal and inventory of product for a tank each day is:

1.           Day 1:

2.           Day 2, 3, 4 ... 31: Repeat every day.

3.           End of The Month: All daily reconciliations shall be added together at the end of each month. If the total of the daily reconciliations is a negative value, and this value exceeds 0.5% of the total throughput of the tank for one month it shall be considered a loss for that month.

4.           Two Months in a Row > 0.5%: If two consecutive months exhibit losses greater than 0.5% of the total throughput then a precision tightness test must be performed on the failing tank (refer to the section on Precision Tightness Testing).



Calculating Losses & Gains

The amount that you are over (gain) or short (loss) day-to-day is determined as follows:

1.           (Day 1: Reconciled Volume) - (Day 2: Net Inventory)

2.           The loss or gain for the 1st day of each month is calculated as follows:

a.           Last day of the prior month: Reconciled Volume - Day 1 of the current month: Net Inventory