Specialty Tanks






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12.2.6   Wisconsin Material Approvals


The Department of Commerce requires various components of the UST system to have a Material Approval.   This includes, but is not limited to: tanks, piping, sumps, automatic tank and/or line leak detection equipment, sensors, submersible turbine pumps (STPs), and overfill prevention devices.  


Whenever a component of an existing UST system is replaced with a new component, and if that component is different from the original device (e.g. a different manufacturer or model type) you must use a component that has a Wisconsin Material Approval before the component can be installed and operated.  


Copies of the Material Approval must be maintained at the UST facility and readily available for inspection upon request by an authorized agent of the Department of Commerce.



12.2.7   Manufacturer’s Equipment Warranties


This is the documentation that comes with the equipment that you receive from the manufacturer. It is usually a one page document that is included in the equipment package. If a contractor installs the equipment, be sure that the contractor leaves the warranty with the owner or Class B Operator.