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Glossary   Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)

Previous twelve (12) months of 0.2GPH tank tightness test results.


If using electronic line leak detectors, then the following documentation is also required:

         Annual precision Tightness Test results, and

         Previous twelve (12) months of 0.2GPH line tightness test results, or

         Previous annual 0.1GPH line tightness test results


Additional information that must be maintained when using an ATG for monthly tank and/or monthly or annual line testing includes:

         Maintenance records of any work performed on the ATG - including the repair and/or replacement of components (e.g. printed circuit boards, tank probes, line leak detectors, liquid sensors, etc.)

         Results of the annual functionality testing of the ATG and all of its sensing devices.   Annual Tightness Test

Previous annual tank/line tightness test results.