Specialty Tanks






13.3   Spill Containment & Cleanup


Many spills are minor in size and can be cleaned up by the on-site Class C Operator or other designated personnel.   These are spills that are less than 25-gallons and that do NOT pose an immediate threat to the safety and health of people or damage to the environment.


If there is any question in regard to the size of the spill the Class C Operator should immediately:

         Engage the appropriate emergency shutoff device to prevent any further spill from occurring

         Contact 911 about the spill

         Contact the Class B Operator to whom they report for assistance with spill response and cleanup.


Such spills require the immediate action of on-site personnel who must first contain the spill and then begin the process of cleaning up the spill.   Effectively completing these tasks requires that the designated individual has studied and successfully completed the material in the Introduction about Hazard Communication (HAZCOM), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Tools & Equipment