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13.2.2   ATG Alarms


Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) systems can generate dozens of alarm and warning messages.  



Your Responsibility

As the Class B operator you are responsible to understand the types of alarms that can be generated by these systems, and their function in relationship to spills, leaks or releases as previously discussed in Chapters 1 and 4.


You are responsible to ensure that the Class C operators have received and completed the necessary training to know how to identify which alarm and warning messages are critical to identifying potential spills, leaks or releases from the UST system, as well as any abnormal operating conditions of the ATG, and how to respond to those alarms.



Alarm & Message Categories

ATG warning and alarm messages are typically separated into three or four different categories to help the UST owner and operator distinguish between critical and non-critical alarms in regard to leak detection.   These categories may vary from one ATG manufacturer to the next manufacturer.