Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

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9.1   Plan Review


Owners and operators must obtain written approval before they can begin the installation of UST systems. This is done by submitting to Commerce five (5) sets of clear, legible, and permanent copies of plans and specifications for review. These plans and specification must include the items listed in the PDF file to the right.


Copies of the following forms must also be submitted with the above plans and specifications to Commerce. Refer to Chapter 12: Record Keeping & Documentation for additional information about the forms listed below.

1.           Wisconsin Material Approval Application(This includes all supporting data such as test results, calculations and other factual data that is relevant to verifying code compliance or the qualifications of the testing laboratory.)

2.           Flammable / Combustible Liquid Tanks Installation Application (ERS-9)

3.           Leak Detection Installation Application (ERS-9 LD)