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14.1.5 Human Factors


Accidents that lead to personal injury and damage to property or the environment are most commonly due to human factors.   Human factors can include, but are not limited to:

1.           Following procedures

2.           Using tools and equipment

3.           Use of PPE

4.           Inattention or lack of awareness


As the Class A or Class B operator you should verify that Class C operators and other personnel involved with the operation and maintenance of the UST systems for which you are responsible receive the appropriate safety training to minimize the potential for incidents due to any of these human factors.


Review all safety training to verify that it addresses these human factors.   Any practices or procedures to be implemented by Class C operators or other personnel should be designed to address human factors for the purpose of minimizing the potential for accidents.   This would include requirements such as:

1.           Periodically monitoring the work area for potential hazards while conducting inspection and maintenance activities.

2.           Immediately stopping any work if hazards are observed.

3.           The proper use of PPE and tools & equipment.