Specialty Tanks






14.1.4 Vehicle Accidents and Injuries


Vehicle hazards can be minor to significant depending upon the type of facility where the UST system is located, and the substance stored in the tanks.   This is particularly apparent at or near where the tanks are located on the facility premises.


Individuals driving vehicles may not be attentive to personnel who perform activities related to their responsibilities associated with operating or maintaining the UST system.


As the Class A or Class B operator you must verify that vehicle hazards that can occur at the UST facilities for which you are responsible have been identified.


You must also check that Class C operators, or other personnel involved with operating and maintaining the UST system have:

1.           Received proper safety training about vehicle hazards.

2.           Understand the safety procedures and the precautions they are required to take when operating the UST system if vehicles are present.

3.           Understand and know how to use any required PPE and/or tools when conducting activities related to the operation or maintenance of the UST system.