Specialty Tanks






These codes and standards at a minimum require the following items are inspected at least once per year:

1.           Electrical junction boxes are properly sealed and not corroded

2.           Seal-offs are present and in good condition

3.           There are no exposed wires used for electrical power (120/240 VAC)

4.           All cabling is free of nicks, cuts, scratches and abrasions

5.           All electrical conduits and couplings are in good condition

6.           Electrical conduits are not kinked, cracked, torn or brokeners


In addition to inspecting the condition of electrical wiring any devices specifically designed for the shutoff of electrical energy to components of the UST system or other systems associated with the dispensing of product should be inspected for condition and tested for functionality.   This includes:

1.           Any externally located emergency shutoff switch

2.           Emergency shutoff switches located inside buildings

3.           Breakers for dispensers and pumps

4.           Dispenser point-of-sale (POS) console shutoff of dispensers