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The following information is required by OSHA to be included on labels:

1.           The product name.

2.           Warning statement, message or symbol.

3.           Name and address of manufacturer.

4.           Safe handling procedures. Labeling



Includes requirements for labeling containers (such as an underground storage tank) of hazardous substances. The purpose of the labeling is to inform the user of the type of hazardous substance that is inside the underground storage tank. This information can aid the user in determining the necessary precautions to take to safely handle the hazardous substance during normal operating or emergency conditions.


Although USTs have no visible labeling because the tanks are underground, labeling should be applied to any fill and transfer points of the tank. This is especially crucial for chemical tanks because labeling can help users avoid transferring the incorrect chemical into a tank. Transferring the wrong chemical into a UST containing a hazardous substance may have severe consequences that can include explosions and exposure to hazardous vapors resulting in severe or chronic health conditions, or fatalities.