Specialty Tanks






HAZCOM is designed to ensure that employers (e.g. the UST owner) disseminate information regarding the health and physical hazards of exposure to chemicals used in the workplace and protective measures that are required for their employees.


Information regarding irritation, sensitization, carcinogenicity, flammability, corrosion, and reactivity must be made readily available to employees.


As the Class A or Class B operator you must familiarize yourself with this information and work with the UST owner to ensure that the above requirements are properly addressed so that all Class C operators, and other facility personnel who may interact with the UST system on a day-by-day basis can successfully meet those requirements.


Employers (e.g. UST owners) must prepare and implement a written HAZCOM plan that:


1.           Evaluates all chemical hazards in the workplace.

2.           Includes an effective training program for all potentially exposed employees.

3.           Provides access by employees to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

4.           Includes the labeling of all containers of hazardous chemicals.