Certified Undergound Tank System Installer


Either of the following:

a.           A person certified in accordance with ch. Comm 5 to install and repair underground storage tank systems.

b.           A registered professional engineer who directly supervises an installation by being present during the activities specified in s. Comm 5.84 (5) or 5.85 (5), and who is competent in the engineering methods and requirements in Wisconsin for designing and installing storage tank systems for flammable, combustible or hazardous liquids, except the registration requirement does not apply where exempted under s. 443.14, Stats.


Note: A list of exemptions where the qualified engineer is not required to be a registered architect or professional engineer in accordance with section 443.14 of the Statutes is available by accessing the Department’s Web site at www.commerce.wi.gov., and searching under storage tank regulation, for technical guidance.