ATG-Certified Technician


A person who has completed and successfully passed training provided by the manufacturer to install, program, troubleshoot and/or repair the components and equipment that comprise the automatic tank gauge (ATG) system, which is produced and marketed by the manufacturer, for use on underground storage tank systems for leak detection and/or inventory monitoring.


Training certification oftentimes is provided as separate levels of expertise and knowledge. As an example a Level I Technician may only be certified for installing the ATG system components. A Level II Technician may be only be certified to install and program the ATG console. A Level III Technician may be certified to install, program, troubleshoot and perform repairs to the ATG system.


The scope and extent of certification is determined and specified by the ATG manufacturer. Technicians that pass certification exams must carry on their person proof of certification, which they can immediately produce upon the request of the owner of the ATG equipment, or an agent of the authority having jurisdiction over the UST system.