Specialty Tanks






The inspecting technician shall provide the results of this annual inspection on the Commerce form titled Underground Tank System Prevention And Detection Functionality Verificaiton (see ERS-10778).   A copy of this report form must be maintained on site where the inspection occurred.  


Chapter 9 – Record Keeping & Documentation addresses the additional requirements for record keeping in regard to leak detection.  


For your convenience a list of the documents you are required to maintain at the UST facility are provided below:

1.           Contractor Documents: Work orders and invoices documenting system repairs that include any software or hardware upgrades.

2.           Third-party Certification Reports: Includes information about how performance claims were verified or justified.

3.           Commerce Material Approval: For the leak detection system.

4.           Manufacturer's Installation Certification: Documentation verifying that leak detection equipment was installed and setup in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

5.           Operation Manual & Warranty: A copy of the operation manual, and the warranty for the manufacturer’s leak detection equipment.

6.           Test Results: Any test results and reports printed from the leak detection equipment.

7.           Alarm Log: A log documenting responses to, and investigations of leak detection alarms.

8.           Other: Documentation of any testing, calibration, inspection, monitoring, repair and annual performance verification results.