Specialty Tanks






If the test results that you receive from the SIR vendor indicate “fail” or “inconclusive” then the results must be treated as a suspected release, and you must initiate an investigation (“Tank- system Integrity Assessment”) to determine the cause of the failure.

         Refer to Chapter 8 – Release Response & Reporting for the proper procedure to follow for responding to a suspected or obvious release of product from any portion of the UST system.


If you receive failing or inconclusive SIR reports for two (2) out of three (3) months you are required to have a precision tightness test performed on the tank with the failing or inconclusive SIR results. This test must be performed within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the SIR report.


If you are using another method of leak detection and decide that you want to change to the use of SIR you must first provide proof to the Department of Commerce that you had a precision tightness test performed on the tank prior to changing to the use of SIR.