Specialty Tanks






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4.5   Manual Tank Gauging (MTG)



Tank is 1,000 Gallons or Less

If you own or operate tanks that are equal to or less than 1,000 gallons in capacity you can use Manual Tank Gauging for the life of the tank.  


Tank is 1,001 to 2,000 Gallons

If your tanks are more than 1,000 gallons but less than 2,000 gallons you can use Manual Tank Gauging provided that:

         the tanks have a precision tightness test once every five (5) years

         the tanks are less than ten (10) years old  

         the piping that is connected to the tanks must also have a precision tightness test or have electronic line leak detection


Tank is Over 2,000 Gallons

Any tank that is greater than 2,000 gallons capacity, regardless of age, cannot use Manual Tank Gauging.



Note: Tanks having a capacity greater than 1,000 gallons and that are more than ten (10) years old must be equipped with monthly monitoring.