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It is important that you remember to have the above information recorded onto forms that are acceptable to and similar to those provided by Commerce. There are forms for both electronic and manual monthly inventory control. You can obtain copies (PDF) of these forms at the Commerce website. Once you have determined which form best fits your specific needs you can download the form to your computer.

By graphing you can quickly determine whether you might be losing or gaining inventory unexpectedly. The procedure for determining whether this is an issue with one of your tanks is as follows:

1.           One a piece of graph paper using an “x” and “y” axis, label the “x” for each day of the month.

2.           Label the “y” for the number of gallons (+) is above the x-axis and (-) is below the x-axis.

3.           Mark on the graph at day 1 the loss or gain for that day.

4.           Mark on the graph at day 2 the combined total of losses or gains for days 1 + 2.

5.           Mark on the graph at day 3 the combined total of losses or gains for days 2 + 3.

6.           Continue doing this for each additional day. At the end of seven days if your graph shows increased losses for each of the seven days you probably have a problem either with your inventory control or a meter that may be out of calibration. Either way, you need to conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the problem and correct it immediately before it can create an even larger problem at the end of the month.