Specialty Tanks






4.3.2   Leak Alarm

Any alarm must be investigated to determine the cause for the alarm – regardless of the method used for double-wall tanks or double-wall piping.

         0.2GPH Leak Alarm: In the event of a 0.2GPH leak alarm you must investigate and verify the functionality of the monitoring system including any sensor(s) used for monitoring the tank or piping. If the monitoring system and/or the sensor is broken or malfunctioning it must be repaired and/or replaced immediately, and the system placed back into service.

         Precision Tightness Test: If the monitoring system and/or the sensor(s) are not functioning normally, then you must have a precision tightness test performed to verify the tightness of either the tank or piping.

         Confirmed Leak: If it is determined that there is a leak, all product must be removed from the tank or piping, and they must be repaired by a contractor, a representative of the manufacturer, or a manufacturer’s technician who is certified to make repairs to the tank.