Specialty Tanks






Sample ATG Alarm & Warning Messages

$2,000,000 - $3,000,000

The above categories can be further divided according to time- critical factors such as:

         Requires an immediate response (e.g. Gross Line Fail Alarm, Liquid Alarm, etc.)

         Requires a response within 8-hours (e.g. Probe Out Alarm, Sensor Out Alarm, etc.)

         Requires a response within 24-hours (High Water Alarm, Delivery Needed, etc.)

         Requires a response within 72-hours (Paper Out Alarm, Annual Test Needed Alarm, etc.)


Taking the time to learn and understand the meaning and importance of the many different types of warning and alarm messages that can be generated by your ATG can make a big difference to the cost of operating your UST facility. This can be the difference between having to fix a minor problem related to communication between the console and a sensor that may only cost a few hundred dollars, or having to clean up a large release of product to the environment, which may cost as much as $2 or $3 million dollars.