Specialty Tanks






4.2   Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)


Automatic tank gauging is a method of leak detection that comprises a complex assembly of electronic components whose design and function is for the monitoring and detecting of releases from the UST system.  


This equipment is commonly referred to as an ATG (Automatic Tank Gauge), and they have the ability to perform inventory control, as well as monitor tanks and piping to identify possible leaks, perform on-demand tightness testing of both the tanks and piping, and continuous monitoring of tanks when equipped with the proper software.


Many ATG systems also have the ability to shut down the pumping of product from the tank in the event that a potential leak has been identified in the tank or piping.  


They can also generate numerous warning and alarm messages designed to aid you, the Class B   Operator, to more effectively manage your UST system, and reduce the impact to the environment of any leak identified by the ATG.