Specialty Tanks






It is the responsibility of the Class B operator to ensure that all tanks, which are part of the UST systems that you own and/or operate, must be monitored for leaks at least once every 30-days using one of the methods of leak detection covered in this chapter.


4.1.1   Test Information

All tank and piping tightness test results, including results from tests performed to verify leak detection results, must be maintained for the life of the UST system. Unattended or unmanned facilities can maintain records off site. However, they must be made available within 72-hours of a request by an agent of Commerce or an Local Program Operator (LPO). Facilities that are attended must maintain records on site and those records must be immediately available for review by an agent of Commerce or an LPO.


Comm 10 code requires all new and existing UST systems that are used for the storage of regulated substances to be provided with a method of leak detection.  


Any equipment used for the monitoring of leaks from the UST system must be installed, calibrated, operated and maintained so that it performs as originally intended by the manufacturer as specified in their instructions, and in accordance with the Material Approval issued by the Department of Commerce.


Methods of leak detection other than those approved by Commerce can be used if a Material Approval is obtained from Commerce before the installation and operation of the monitoring equipment.