Specialty Tanks








Effective and accurate release (leak) detection is one of the most important aspects of the life of your underground storage tanks that you can manage.  


Accurate and effective leak detection can help reduce the potential for a leak to become a safety hazard that can cause serious harm to people, or an environmental hazard that can cause extensive damage to the environment.   Either of these hazards have the potential to result in significant financial and legal liabilities to the UST owner and/or operator.


There are various methods of leak detection approved by the U.S. EPA and Commerce within the state of Wisconsin. Five methods of leak detection are discussed in this chapter. They are:

1.           Automatic Tank Gauging

2.           Interstitial Monitoring

3.           Inventory Control

4.           Manual Tank Gauging

5.           Statistical Inventory Control


Mechanical and electronic methods of leak detection for piping are also discussed in this chapter.