Specialty Tanks






Assessing the above conditions to determine whether a release exists requires that you, as the Class B operator, take one or both of the following actions


1.           Precision Tightness Test (PTT): You must ensure that a contractor is contacted and arrangements made to have a precision tightness test performed on the tank(s) identified as being the possible source for a suspected or obvious release.   The precision tightness test must be performed in accordance with the requirements described in Chapter 4 on Release Detection to determine whether a release has occurred.

2.           Report & Document the PTT: If the results of the precision tightness test indicate that no release has occurred then no further action is required.   However, you still must report the results to the Department of Commerce within the seven (7) business days.   You must also ensure that the results of the test are documented and kept on file for future reference for no less than twelve months from the date of the test.