Specialty Tanks







Request a copy of their third-party certification report. If you have any questions in regard to the third-party report you should contact manufacturer and/or the testing organization to clarify any information for the purpose of ensuring that your application does not exceed the certification limitations (if any).


Compare the limitations specified in the report to the values programmed into the ATG. If any of the values exceed the certification limitations you must immediately request that a technician certified by the ATG manufacturer is dispatched to your UST facility to make the necessary corrections.


Furthermore, all line leak detectors for pressurized piping must be tested for functionality at least once per year.   Refer to section 4.9 - Equipment Calibration for further information about functionality testing.


If you have piping for tanks that are manifolded together (place your mouse over the image to the right) then it is particularly important to verify the piping manifold arrangement with the ATG manufacturer to make sure it meets the requirements for proper configuration when using their line leak detector.

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