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UST systems that use an electronic line leak detector can also be programmed to monitor the piping for a leak rate of 0.2 GPH. Single-wall piping must use this leak rate threshold for monthly monitoring and testing.


If you are using an ATG with an electronic line leak detector (ELLD) it is important that you verify with the manufacturer the limitations of their ELLD in regard to the diameter and length of the piping. Check the ATG to determine what values or parameters were programmed into the console for:

         Piping diameter (inches)

         Piping length (feet)

         Piping type (e.g. FRP, steel, flexible plastic, semi-rigid plastic)


ATGs that have been programmed with the incorrect information in regard to the above parameters may result in false leak test results. It may report a leak when there is no leak, or worse that the piping is tight when there is actually a leak. The Class A operator should determine the proper values to be programmed into the ATG. This information should be provided to the Class B operator and a technician certified by the ATG manufacturer who can verify whether the ATG has been programmed with the correct values.