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Line Leak Detector

There are two types of piping systems: 1) Pressurized piping, and

2) Suction piping.


Pressurized piping requires flow restrictors (e.g. mechanical or electronic line leak detectors). Suction piping does not require flow restrictors. Equipment calibration requirements for line leak detectors described below only applies to pressurized piping systems. At a minimum equipment calibration includes all of the following items.

         Line Leak Detectors (LLDs) - Functional tests of electronic (ELLDs) & mechanical (MLLDs) to determine their ability to detect both 3.0 GPH and 0.2 GPH leaks. This would include verification that ELLDs trigger the appropriate alarm message (e.g. 0.2 GPH monthly or periodic alarm, and 3.0 GPH gross or catastrophic line leak alarm) at the monitoring console, and that MLLDs trip into slow-flow mode when a 3.0 GPH leak is simulated.

         Liquid Sensors - Functional tests of the different types of sensors used for detecting the presence of liquids in secondary containment sumps. This would include float sensors, conductive polymer sensors, etc.

         ATG Consoles - Functional tests of ATG consoles to generate the various alarms from level and temperature data generated by tank probes (e.g. probe out, low product, overfill, etc.). This includes verifying the accuracy of inventory readings of probes. Also included are sensor alarms when liquid sensors located in sumps, and liquid float sensors for double-wall FRP tanks with brine solution are activated.