Specialty Tanks



1 hour, 15 minutes

60 minutes

45 minutes

6. The Certification Exam


There are three Certification Exams. To start one of these three exams, click the appropriate button below. If you are not certain which certification to pursue and exam to take, please review the Certification Exam summary.


Once you click a button the exam begins at that moment and the Certification Exam timer begins counting. Remember that the course will automatically stop after the number of minutes specified below. If you want to review the Training Course material or start the exam at a later time, click the Home button to return to the Home Page.

to view a sample exam question and explanation, click this image

At any time during the exam you may click the red Cancel button on any exam page to cancel the exam. This will also send a notice to the Department of Commerce that you started the exam and that you cancelled before finishing.