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UST Site Survey form

The computer you are using must have a PDF program such as Adobe Reader to be able to view, store, or print this PDF file.

The Survey Form

A survey form has been created to assist you in collecting data about your site. Click the image to the right to open the form and print one or more copies. You may then exit or close this Specialty Tanks program while you collect the required site data.


With a pen or pencil and the printed survey form in hand, collect the needed data from your site.


When the form is complete and you are prepared to begin the Certification Exam, then restart this training and certification program. Return to this page and click the Next button to begin entering the data on the next four pages. You cannot begin the Certification Exam until you have provided all of the UST Site Survey data. The survey data you provide on the next four pages will not be kept or retained or stored before you complete the Certification Exam. Therefore do not enter the site survey data until you are fully prepared and decide to begin the Certification Exam.

What Happens to the UST Site Survey Data if You Cancel or Do Not Pass the Exam?

If you cancel the exam or you do not pass the exam, the next time you begin the exam you must reenter the UST Site Survey data. Therefore keep the completed UST Site Survey form in case you need to take the Certification Exam again.


Are You Ready To Start the Certification Exam? If so then click the Next button. You will then 1) provide the UST Site Survey data, 2) provide your name, birthdate, and current employer, and 3) choose and begin the Certification Exam.