Specialty Tanks




UST Site Survey form

1. What to Expect


There are four topics that you must address as part of the Certification Exam. They are:

         understanding the Certification Exam (begin on the next page)

         understanding printing the Certificate of Completion

         Performing the UST Site Survey

         providing data about you (i.e. Name, Date of Birth, Current Employer)


Each of these will be addressed in more detail in the next few pages. However first about Performing the UST Site Survey.


As a means to apply and reinforce your knowledge you must complete the UST Site Survey before beginning a Certification Exam. The survey requires you to collect selected information about a Specialty Tank facility that you are responsible for. You must then provide that data on pages in section 4 UST Site Survey that is ahead.


In a few pages you will be provided with the PDF document seen to the right. It is a form for you to use to collect data about the UST System at a facility. Print this form. You can then exit this training & certification program while you use the form to collect the required data. Once you have collected this data and you are prepared to begin the exam, then return to this training & certification program to first provide the data you collected on and then to begin the Certification Exam.